Agriturismo Salos

Our story

Once upon a time there was a man named Franco, who loved the land, the sea and the countryside to such an extent that he decided to devote his life to conceiving, designing and building a happy place for his family and anyone else who wanted to savor a little corner of paradise, surrounded by nature and just a stone’s throw from the sea. That strip of land, at the time still unknown to many, but already giving peace and well-being, was called Frassanito. Peasant families led, in those days, a very modest life and really sustained themselves with very little, thus savoring the simple things in life: so much so that, very often, the simple act of eating hot homemade bread, in the company of all the siblings and cousins, became a moment of sharing and celebration. 

This frugal and loving atmosphere strongly conditioned the life of one of the two sons of the Greco family, Franco. It conditions him so much that, having become an adult, he decides to raise his children in turn with the same philosophy, passing on to them a love of the countryside and a taste for country life. So we find ourselves in the late 1980s when Franco and his wife Anna Paola decide to start one of the first agritourisms in Salento: Agriturismo Salos.

“Salos” is a word of greek derivation, which translated means “sea in turmoil or storm,” this is because Frassanito is a strip of land open to all currents, free, without barriers, an area that hosts many winds, first and foremost the ” Tramontana wind” that is the master. Salos agritourism was born and grew up with the same practice of peasant life, made up of small rules, such as living simply, savoring the truest things, and above all welcoming others into the family.

Over the years the agritourism becomes bigger and bigger and better known, and many guests become part of this big family, some will stay over the years and many others will pass on, keeping a memory.

Currently the farmhouse is run by Franco’s children: Michela, Antonio and Francesco, who under the loving and stern gaze of their mother Anna Paola try to carry on the spirit of this “little big family,” guided always by a star in the sky named Franco.

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